handmade postcard #5

I joined handmade postcard #5 swap at swap-bot.


postcard due

I wanted drew like northern Europe textile,but I wasn't able to do that.

I made with neocolor2(watercolor crayon) and sticker.

mail! mail! mail!

Here is mail art for winter to my friend,nori.

to nori

I choosed postage stamps from "The 50th anniversary Antarctic observation memory" and "greeting stamps 2007".

I wanted to use the stamp as a part of the pictures.
But stamps and picture are separated.

to nori

This is the back side.

I made it with a CD envelope.

It looks like "Shaker Box"!
I put heart shaped spangle and lightblue micro beeds inside.

This is envelope for sending orange color themed ATCs to my friend ,rina.

envie to rina

I choosed orange stamp inks.

Ranger Distress Ink/dried marigold
Ranger Distress Ink/tattered rose
Tsukineko Versa Craft/navel
Tsukineko Versa Craft/Tangerine
Tsukineko artnic/Vermilion


CRUSADE No. 17 ~ Pandora's Box

It's almost the end of Feburary.March has already got closer.
The flower of the plum bloomed, and the spring's first south wind(It's a strong wind very much like a storm) already blew.
It's a thing telling spring.
It's too late to challenge "CRUSADE No. 17 ~ Pandora's Box".
Anyway,I challenge it, this is first time to join them.
(Probably I may be the first Japanese participating in it.)

This month's GPP Crusade is to make a essential journaling kit for better and quick journaling.
I thought it's good thing to me.
Because I'm always looking for tools and materials for journaling.

essential kit
Originally uploaded by tipo721

Here is almost my kit for visual journaling!
(I forgot to add several tools like scissors,knife and stapler.But I don't care!)

I packed a box with a lot of coloring supplies.
I put pastels,crayons,color pencils,chalks,pallet for watercolors, and EASY TO USE D.I.Y stamping kit.
I especially like neocolor2 watercolor crayon.

I like spray bottles.Add ink, water, and perfect pearl,then shake it.
It's original color wash.(I think many people use this technique.)
There are many pens made in "uni".
I don't know why, but I choose the pen made in "uni" naturally.

(above:Crop-A-Dile,brushes,beeswax,and Electric hotplate)

I really need electric hotplate!
Because I melt beeswax for collage, and somtimes for UTEE.

If I go outside for journaling, may not need many aclyric paint and hotplate.
I choose pens, pencils,and watercolor crayon or watercolor pencils from this box, then I will go out.

Matchbox with MiniATC Swap

I paticipated inMatchbox with MiniATC Swap at swap-bot.

I recieved from Suonghuong.(She Lives in France)


Wow! Cute! Really KAWAII!!

To tell the truth, I use rirrakuma shopping bag(from san-x) everyday.
I love kawaii goods, in fact.

I sent to her.

Matchbox with MiniATC Swap

Though I had to put five pieces of cards of the same theme in a box, I have forgotten a thing on the same theme.

Matchbox with MiniATC Swap

I decorated match box with patterned paper, ink, papers thing which I stamped with rubber stamps, and beas.
And I made ATC with ink and apers thing which I stamped with rubber stamps.


cupcake ATC swap

I paticipated in cupcake ATC swap at swap-bot.

This is a ATC from joswaps.
It's very cute and lovely!

cupcakeATC from jocreats

and inside...

cupcakeATC from jocreats

Wow!! There is cupcake recipe!!
Thank you,joswaps!! :-D
I will make this.

And my works are...

my cupcakeATC

my cupcakeATC

I drew by using uni posca glitter marker(light blue),then I paited by watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils.
Uni posca glitter marker may not be yet sold in the country except Japan.
This is first time to draw cupcake, so I'm not good at draw cupckes.
I think cupcake is very cute to draw.


4x4friday challenge-using watercolors

This is for 4x4fridaychallenge.
This week theme is "using watercolors".
I used watercolors for background.
And I used watercolor crayon(neocolor2)for swallow stamps(see-D's) using this technic.

I stamped frame image(Fancy Pants Design) on transparancy.
I drew the crown by handwriting using pencils ,watercolor,and neocolor2.

I think that it is spring soon.
I want to see swallow early.


Altered Journal Swap

This is a altered journal from augustmoon849 for "Altered Journal Swap" at swap-bot.

Altered Journal

It's fabulous,fantastic,gorgeous,and fascinating!!!

Image hosted @ bighugelabs.com
1. kit, 2. inner pages #7, 3. inner pages #6, 4. inner pages #5, 5. inner pages #4, 6. inner pages #3, 7. inner pages #2, 8. inner pages #1, 9. message on journal

See my Flickr Set.

Hello to world!!

I'm Miho and from Japan.
I start up new blog in English today.
Please call me "tipo".

There is music of Chicago of the name same as my blog "color my world" .
But I did not know it.
It is unrelated.
I just wanted to express somthing about art.

I love scrapbooking,rubber stamping,visual journal,art,and other crafts.(Especially paper crafts)
I'm going to be swap-botaholic day by day.

I want to enjoy this blog and I will write about my art and craft.
I hope you enjoy!! :-D