CRUSADE No. 17 ~ Pandora's Box

It's almost the end of Feburary.March has already got closer.
The flower of the plum bloomed, and the spring's first south wind(It's a strong wind very much like a storm) already blew.
It's a thing telling spring.
It's too late to challenge "CRUSADE No. 17 ~ Pandora's Box".
Anyway,I challenge it, this is first time to join them.
(Probably I may be the first Japanese participating in it.)

This month's GPP Crusade is to make a essential journaling kit for better and quick journaling.
I thought it's good thing to me.
Because I'm always looking for tools and materials for journaling.

essential kit
Originally uploaded by tipo721

Here is almost my kit for visual journaling!
(I forgot to add several tools like scissors,knife and stapler.But I don't care!)

I packed a box with a lot of coloring supplies.
I put pastels,crayons,color pencils,chalks,pallet for watercolors, and EASY TO USE D.I.Y stamping kit.
I especially like neocolor2 watercolor crayon.

I like spray bottles.Add ink, water, and perfect pearl,then shake it.
It's original color wash.(I think many people use this technique.)
There are many pens made in "uni".
I don't know why, but I choose the pen made in "uni" naturally.

(above:Crop-A-Dile,brushes,beeswax,and Electric hotplate)

I really need electric hotplate!
Because I melt beeswax for collage, and somtimes for UTEE.

If I go outside for journaling, may not need many aclyric paint and hotplate.
I choose pens, pencils,and watercolor crayon or watercolor pencils from this box, then I will go out.


michelle ward said...

tipo - it's not too late! (the crusade ends march 1) so glad you joined us! i believe you are the first artist from japan to be on the team. love seeing your kit - amazing to see so many products from the U.S.!! all those watercolors look inviting. i hope you will continue to play along with us.

tipo said...

Thank you for visitin my blog,michell!!
I love your work!!

Yes,so many items from USA.
I will continue to join GPP.

Anonymous said...

こんばんは! Good evening, Tipo! I love all of the products in your kit! So many of my favorites are there! I am happy to see that you visited my blog! I will visit you often to see your pages! Best Regards, Julie.

Julie said...

Oh I love your little kit Tipo, this is my first month too. Really pleased to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hi tipo,
you made it on time to this crusade!! Nice to see your box to, with so much materials I like and know... I think that if we recognize things, you feel connected (at least I do!). You remembered me on using my beeswax more, THANX for that! See you on the next Crusade??
Hedwig (from the Netherlands)