cupcake ATC swap

I paticipated in cupcake ATC swap at swap-bot.

This is a ATC from joswaps.
It's very cute and lovely!

cupcakeATC from jocreats

and inside...

cupcakeATC from jocreats

Wow!! There is cupcake recipe!!
Thank you,joswaps!! :-D
I will make this.

And my works are...

my cupcakeATC

my cupcakeATC

I drew by using uni posca glitter marker(light blue),then I paited by watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils.
Uni posca glitter marker may not be yet sold in the country except Japan.
This is first time to draw cupcake, so I'm not good at draw cupckes.
I think cupcake is very cute to draw.


Anonymous said...

hi!!! i found your blog, and you hav a really nice artwork, your illustrations are so so sweet!!! i love your style!!

cheers from spain ^_^

tipo said...

Thank you, blah!
Your work is great and interesting!